3PL Warehousing services for efficient logistic solutions

Comprehensive 3PL Warehousing Services for Efficient Logistic Solutions

Outsourcing logistic operations to the dedicated 3PL warehousing services provides many great benefits for the businesses.

What is 3PL logistic service provider?

3PL logistics service providers are the ones that offer outsourced logistics services including distribution, storage, transport and fulfillment services to their customers. They offer efficient logistics solutions for the businesses that include-

  1. Transportation: The main service that professional 3PL warehousing services offer is the transportation via trucking. The service providers have their own fleets that may include flatbed trucks, specialized vehicles like cold storage trucks and system designed for route optimization and fleet utilization.
  2. Warehousing: 3PL companies own warehouses at specific distribution points, with specialized staff in the warehouse operations. They also provide clients with automation for efficient moving of products within the warehouse. The companies may provide warehousing for multiple businesses in a single space or provide a dedicated warehousing for a single company to use entire warehouse.
  3. Freight forwarding services: The 3PL service providers connect with the logistics service providers managing the operations between them for the clients. The companies specialize in storing, shipping merchandize on behalf of the shippers. This service is useful for international shipping and logistics.
  4. Financial based logistics: Some 3PL service providers offer financial based logistics providing freight payment and audit services like accounting, tools and controls for managing and monitoring inventory. They also offer many financial solutions for logistics like freight loading and unloading.
  5. Reverse logistics: It allows the customers to return the products and goods. Reverse logistics allows customers to send the item back and deals with refunds, sending products onward and the management or disposing unwanted inventory.
  6. Environment controlled freight: Some goods needs to be transported in specialized environment. 3PL service providers provide specialist vehicles that are equipped with ways to control the temperature, light levels, humidity and other aspects to preserve the goods as they reach their final destination.

Many 3PL service providers offer one of these services but the professional ones will offer several or even all these packages. It is up to the client to determine which services and companies are best suited for their shipping, warehousing and logistics operations.

While outsourcing the logistic work to 3PL service provider it is important to ascertain which company offers the best solution in sync with the business needs at cost-effective rates. The experienced 3PL service providers create a robust network for logistics tendering, tracking, settlement initiation and more. It is advisable to choose a correct 3PL service provider that offers the right suite of services to meet the needs of the business so that you can rest assured that the logistics operations are in the safe hands and you can focus on business growth and expansion.

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