How to find the best and reliable 3PL service provider in Canada

How to find the best and reliable 3PL service provider in Canada?

When planning to outsource supply chain operations to the third-party logistics supplier- 3PL it is important to consider the best and the experienced service provider. 3PL partnership is a major investment that can take months to implement so it is worth do in-depth research to ensure the provider is the right fit.

Here are some key considerations to keep in mind when evaluating a potential 3Pl partner-

  1. Know what to look for: There are many 3PL companies in Canada offering different services, expertise and specialties. The main traits to look for is the reliability, handling times, inventory management, scope of services, carrier relationships, small parcel rates, specializations, current clients and value added services. Businesses need to consider varied aspects and ensure that the service provider can accommodate the specific needs. It is imperative to collaborate with a 3PL service provider that is not only able to handle the unique needs of the business and has a proven track record of doing so in your domain.
  2. Technology: Take an in-depth look at the 3PL technology so that you can rest assured that 3PL seamlessly integrate with any existing technology of the businesses. The technology of the service provider should make operations easier and more efficient while enhancing the visibility across the supply chain.
  3. Ability to scale: A good 3PL service provider in Canada will have room and means for you to grow along with the shipping needs. Ensure the logistics partner has the room and capacity to accommodate your business when its operations scale up.
  4. Customization: Logistics is not one-size-fits-all solution. Every business has its own unique set of challenges and a good 3PL service provider needs to be able to adjust and offer customized services. They should have experience with B2B, retail, and e-commerce companies and offer solutions that care customized to each business. Check if the 3PL service provider is able to meet your business’s customized packing and shipping needs.
  5. Wide network and expertise: A dedicated 3PL service provider in Canada has large network of warehouses, fleet, fulfillment centers among other supply chain essentials to offer the quick and accurate logistics solutions.
  6. Responsive customer service: Customer issues are common occurrence in ecommerce and it should be promptly handled for better service. For many businesses, especially ecommerce, Customer service is on the top priority. One bad customer review can do a lot of damage. So it is important to choose a 3PL service provider in Canada that has efficient customer service.
  7. Safety: A good 3PL company must be reliable when it comes to the delivery of goods with utmost safety. The higher safety ratings translate to higher trustworthiness towards customers and business.

When choosing a good 3PL service provider in Canada, choose the one that perfectly fits to the logistics needs of your business. An efficient 3PL service provider manages warehousing and inventory planning and represents the company in customer-facing communications. It is therefore imperative to check out every detail before finalizing any logistics service provider for your business.

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