Knitting and Assembly: Two Different Worlds, One Common Goal

Knitting and Assembly: Two Different Worlds, One Common Goal

What is Knitting and Assembly?

Knitting and Assembly is the process that is fulfilled by 3PL service providers and includes compiling of individual parts of the product together into a “kit” and delivering it to the production-operation for shipment and assembly.

The need for knitting and assembly services lies in a way the product is manufactured or shipped. There might be a promotion that needs an item to be packaged in a set. For instance, during a holiday season, a make-up company may offer a gift bag with lipstick, mascara and sample size lotions with any purchasing over a specified amount.

As each of these items might be coming up from different suppliers, this may need business to hire kitting and assembly service to arrange these unique packages.

Products that are used for Knitting and Assembly services are

  1. Product samples
  2. Cosmetics
  3. Electronics
  4. Training materials
  5. Media kits
  6. Health care enrolment materials and more
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What is the knitting process?

Kitting is a process that pre-assembles two or more related items into one unit. For instance, instead of selling a lipstick and lip gloss separately, the two items are packaged together and sold as one item or a kit. Both these items are automatically decremented from inventory.

With Kitting services, one can work on packaging items together to create one single unit in the inventory, instead of each individual product and each set is assigned a code. As a result when an order comes in, items are already pre-assembled and ready for operators to package and ship off.

What is the Assembly?

Assembly is the process of arranging all the components of a kit from kitting process and readying it for the shipment. For instance lipstick and lip gloss both are gathered and packaged together and shipped as one item. Assembly is done by the team of dedicated work force, each performing a single task. The product is passed down the line to next worker until the final product is put together. Once the kits are assembled they are shipped out to customers or put in storage spot for future incoming orders.

Benefits of Knitting and Assembly services

Kitting and Assembly is the best service for ecommerce domain because

  1. Enhance productivity and Labor costs: With knitting and assembly the time which the handlers spent looking for each item is reduced as they are grouped into one single unit. This speed up the production and minimize costs. Instead of scrambling and wasting time to find all varied components of the shipment, the staff can grab a single packet and finish their work efficiently.
  2. Fast fulfillment of orders: When products are assembled in bulk, order fulfillment becomes quick and pick/pack costs are minimized as each kit is counted as on stock keeping unit. Preparing and sending off pre-assembled kits before order come in can also save time and minimize errors.
  3. Reduction of shipping errors: It the items are shipped in kit form, the errors is reduced. Also, weight and labeling individual items is reduced making it possible to pre-print shipping labels. Each eliminated step also reduces chance of error. Postal costs are reduced when kits are packaged in boxes that are of uniform size and weight.
  4. Help control inventory: Kitting streamline the inventory process. With few stock keeping units, with the help of kitting one can locate the inventory effectively. This creates more warehouse space for production and operations are more organized. Also, in case there is an idle inventory and one will want to get these items off their shelves, one can add these products in a kit with other related merchandise that is in high demand, fostering effective cost-containment inventory strategy, helping one to generate steady revenue.
  5. Helps out startups and small/medium businesses: Startups and small and medium entities can streamline their operations and ensure they provide their customers with accurate, consistent and relevant products. Also, with space shortage for these businesses, knitting and assemble is best for optimum space utilization.
  6. Foster customer satisfaction: With combining compatible products like pen and notebook, the customer choices are simplified, minimizing their need to spend time researching related products they may need. It creates happier customers and lowers the return rates.
  7. Provide competitive edge: When the products are packaged in a unique manner than the competitors, they help rule the roost.

Kitting and Assembly: The Production Process

When looking for Kitting and Assembly in the production process, there are five parts –

  1. Storage: The business or manufacturer stores the inventory of individual items products with 3PL
  2. Kitting: When an order comes in 3PL takes the individual items and pre-assembles them together into kits
  3. Delivery: This stage involves Just-in-Time delivery service that sends the kits for final assembly by the production operation team. Passing the kits on to this team frees up shelf space for minimal inventory and ensures on-timely delivery of the goods.
  4. Production: The kits are sent to production operation team that assembles products together, creating a final product.
  5. Packaging and Distribution: The final product is packed and shipped out to the customer.

Why you should use 3PLanywhere for kitting and assembly?

If you are looking for streamlined process and peace of mind, 3PLanywhere is the perfect solution for kitting and assembly service.

Our services include-

  1. Work with print, electronics and point-of-sales items
  2. Order all components from supplier
  3. Coordinate routes and schedules
  4. Ensure quality by performing incoming, in-process and final inspections
  5. Meet the delivery dates
  6. Stock finished products for future use
  7. Offer support along the entire process, from design to production
  8. Customize services to meet demands of customers.
  9. Clients have access to cutting-edge and secure Client Access Center to monitor orders, see reports, and receive alerts and more.

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