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What are the 5 functions of warehouse?

The need for storage arises both for raw materials and finished products. Storage involves proper arrangement for preserving goods from the time they are purchased or produced till actual use. Here comes the role of dedicated warehousing services to play.

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Comprehensive 3PL Warehousing Services for Efficient Logistic Solutions

Outsourcing logistic operations to the dedicated 3PL warehousing services provides many great benefits for the businesses.

What is 3PL logistic service provider?

3PL logistics service providers are the ones that offer outsourced logistics services including distribution, storage, transport and fulfillment services to their customers. They offer efficient logistics solutions for the businesses that include-

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What is Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)?

It is a wholesale inventory management system where inventory is replaced for retailer or buyer without them having to initiate the purchase order. The inventory data is shared by buyer or retailer with the vendor and vendor determines order size, and frequency.

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