flexible shipping solutions in Canada

Choose flexible shipping solutions from and within Canada

  1. Send a package: We can easily create shipments to any destination in Canada. If you are planning to ship items containing flammables, batteries or other dangerous goods, or to ship to USA or any other international destination, we are just a phone call away!
  2. Ship within Canada:  Now shipping within Canada is easy. Choose from a plethora of delivery services thoughtfully crafted for unique shipping needs.
  3. Ship to US or internationally: Now ship confidently to USA and any other international destination with our cutting-edge international shipping services. We offer streamlined and stress-free international shipping solutions.
  4. Create a freight shipment: We offer suite of solutions including Truck Load, Less-than-Truck Load, and freight forwarding solutions that are supported by the largest transportation network of Canada.
  5. Ship as a small business: We help small businesses reach their customers all across the globe with flexible shipping solutions.
  6. Critical fast shipping for time-sensitive shipments: For urgent deliveries we offer fully flexible expedited shipping solutions by taking the best route possible.

How 3PlanAnywhere international can help you ship within Canada?

3PlanAnywhere knows the dynamics of Canadian Shipping and we can put in that experience and expertise to work for you –whether you are shipping to Canada or shipping within Canada.

Collaborate with us today and incorporate our extensive Canadian logistics network and expertise for intra-Canada shipping needs.

For USA businesses that need to reach Canadian destinations, we are able to use unique access to two of the largest delivery networks in Canada to offer coast-to-coast coverage. We have an access of routing solutions that allow us to provide quick transit times.

Our network is the best way to get shipment from one part of Canada to another quickly and with great care. Whether you need small parcel shipping from town to town or large-scale cargo shipping across Canada, we get the job done right!

Shipping small packages within Canada

To ship small packages in Canada, our dedicated shipping experts will find the best route and delivery method for package size and timeline. We have high-level tracking system that can keep a close watch on the supply chain and receive information when items reach their destination.

Cargo Shipping and Freight courier services within Canada

Our freight and cargo shipping within Canada includes Less than Truckload (LTL) and freight courier services. LTL services are apt for small groups of packages that do not fill the truck. Instead of delaying the shipment to fill the freight, these services allow for fast delivery even when the truck is not full. Freight courier services give the speed of freight shipping without paying full price. The extensive delivery networks and compliance expertise allows for definite deliveries with trackable routes.

Expedited forwarding services

We offer expedited forwarding services in Canada and for other destinations and origins. This shipment plan is perfect for time-sensitive products that need immediate shipment. We stick to tight deadlines and exude three to five days shipping and also as little as one-day shipping.

Enjoy all the 3planywhere International benefits when shipping within Canada

You can benefit from all the shipping services of 3planywhere. Our professional and experienced team of professionals will take great care of your shipments throughout, ensuring they get quick and reliable delivery. You will also avail your own dedicated client relationship representative who are always on their toes managing and tracking your shipments to ensure things are running smoothly.

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