Precise Quality Sorting service

Quality Sorting Service: How We Can Help You Improve Your Business

Precise Quality Sorting service: A business focused on high quality products, precise quality sorting is important. Checking and removing any deficient components is a key part of manufacturing process. Whether the parts are from external supplier or even an internal process, quality sorting services ensure products reach the end users are of highest quality and safe for use with minimal disruption to the entire process.

The precision measurement team of the dedicated service providers offers a variety of precision measurement services that can help determine form, fit or performance, non conformance root cause. Once the root cause is isolated, the service provider performs part or assembly sorting to protect the customers. They offer complex sorting with CMMs, measurement arms, advanced vision systems and optical comparators.

The quality parts sorting involve a blend of manufacturing inspection, logistics, and sorting. The idea is to determine not only if there are defective or nonconforming parts being produced but also what is causing them to be produced that way.

Parts and quality inspection services allow the manufacturers to know beforehand something is wrong. This leads to greater accuracy in production in short and long term. Increased production accuracy via quality inspection can also lead to seamless production processes, which in turn produces more satisfied end users and ultimately a better bottom line for the producer.

Benefits of Quality sorting

There are many reasons why an operation may need quality inspection and sorting services. Quality sorting systems are relied for sorting incoming parts, ensuring no flaws in molding or casting, guarantee the parts are correctly assembled, check plating or paint.

There are many great benefits arising from quality sorting system. One significant benefit is the more accurate reporting of any defects. It means the issue can be detected early on that can prevent significant flawed production as well as stopping a problem before it gets to end user.

The dedicated 3PL service providers work with industrial manufacturers, parts producers, OEMs, commercial operations and many others within the industrial world to table unmatched inspection services blended with cutting-edge customer support service.

Some of the benefits of quality sorting

  1. Improved manufacturing quality
  2. Greater manufacturing efficiency
  3. Minimized operating costs
  4. Low scrap production
  5. Enhanced process predictability
  6. Higher end user satisfaction

Our services

Light Assembly: With light assembly services, we streamline the manufacturing process with timely delivery of quality components. The services directly benefit the bottom lines of the clients and ensure highest standard quality. The light assembly services includes – subassembly services, light manufacturing, soldering, welding, part cleaning, part lubrication and more.
Warehousing: We offer comprehensive warehousing services to help businesses become leaner and operate more efficiently. The various warehousing services include- sequencing, kitting, crating, packaging, temperature control and more.
Quality control: Even a single issue in the product can cost huge dollars, more delays, equipment damage and product recalls. The experienced and dedicated professionals provide expert quality control to minimize, contain and eliminate expenses caused due to defective components. The quality control services include containment, inspection, sorting, testing, tolerance testing and more.
Part rework: We offer comprehensive part rework solutions for fast, professional fixes of existing products. With rapid response services we get to work quickly to keep supply chain moving while maintaining best quality. When rework is in order, we recognize time is essence while quality is very important. Our part rework services include fixing defects, hinges rework, wire harness reworks, mechanical repairs, deburring, class a surface repairs and more.
Labor & Staffing: Finding quality and trained work force is a challenge. We provide contract workers, permanent employees or specialized labor and help businesses with their staffing needs. Our staffing services include engineers, general labor, quality engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers and Hi-Lo certified drivers and more.
When looking for sorting, rework and assembly services in Canada, we are the trusted and credible name. Whether looking for help in Quebec, British Columbia, or anywhere else, we are here to help businesses with part sorting, rework and assembly needs.

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